President Letter
I come originally from Tyre, I followed my education in Beirut, but all my vacations were spent in Tyre. My house was and is still in the old quarter of the city.
Unfortunately, with time passing I observed and witnessed the deterioration of living conditions not only in Tyre but also in other areas of Lebanon.
ADR was created to address these issues and help the Lebanese people to overcome the consequences of war and conflicts. 
Our Association wants to give its assistance to the greatest number of marginalized and disadvantaged people; those who lack in education or professional aptitude or those who do not have access to bank loans.
We specialize in economic development and not in humanitarian and relief in their strict sense. Our interventions allow people to become an active


part of the economic life and to increase their opportunities and the opportunities of their children in the future.
For this purpose , ADR has aimed since its beginnings to consolidate its capacity on the technical and professional level, more importantly, the Association distinguishes itself by the lack of any political, familial, and confessional affiliation.
This has allowed us to attract the attention of international organizations such us the European Union and the United Nations and to develop four solid programs (agriculture, micro credit, social services and vocational training) tailored to the needs of the area.
ADR board and members are grateful to all individuals and institutions that have supported and continue to support us to achieve the improvement of social and living conditions in Lebanon.
Dr. Youssef El Khalil



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