Development of Capacity building e-learning Platform

Project: sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas (MedArtSal)

Donor: European Union (The ENI-CBC- MED program)


ADR is seeking to hire a service provider for the Development of Capacity building e-learning platform in the framework of the project “Sustainable Management Model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas” (MedArtSal) funded by the European Program ENI CBC MED 2014-2020.

MedArtSal Project aims to promote the sustainable development of the Artisanal Salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues. The project implementation is done through a partnership between 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.



ADR, being a Lebanese NGO with non-lucrative, non-political, non-religious objectives that lends its support to the social players to help them acquire the knowledge and capabilities to improve and promote their standard of living, thus, setting up three main programs:

1- Micro credit program.

2- Vocational training and upgrading skills program.

3- Agricultural program (CASUR).

In addition to ad-hoc projects which falls in rural development and community empowerment. They stress on the partnership with the local community, municipalities, cooperatives and associations.

ADR is implementing the project MedArtSal in partnership with 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon Spain and Tunisia. The project duration is for three years starting November 2019.


The General Project Objective:

The project aims to adopt coordinated actions to define and implement a MODEL FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF ARTISANAL SALINAS, which will stimulate the local economy and territorial cohesion.

Assignment Brief

This assignment is undertaken as an activity under the work package of the project: International Networking,

The immediate objective (output) and activities of this assignment Development of Capacity building e-learning platform. The application aims to disseminate the knowledge, best practice, successful case studies related to the sustainable management of the Artisanal Salinas and the Salt product diversification and marketing as well as the MedArtSal model and its application.  


e-learning platform Specifications:


1-      Dynamic Web Sites, 4.5 With SQL Server data base, 10 Dynamic web Site for Videos and Reports, Visitor counter and Admin Section for filling contents, 50 GB Cloud and domain name. 

2-         E-learning platform should contain a number of sections:  

A-     Who we are: Introduction of the project and platform

B-      Dashboard

C-      Photo

D-     Upcoming events in this section admin can add Events (Event, Category, Event Type, Start date and time, End Date and time, Location, Host)

E-      E-learning:

a-      Watch & Learn in which admin can upload Videos, Power Points, etc…

b-      Documents where admin can upload PDF, word File (Brochure, booklet, Flyer) etc.

c-       Reports where reports and references related to Salinas Management can be available


F-      Contacts where the contact of the project partners can be added and other member of Artisanal Salinas Network.

3-      Private section for upload, download and delete unused File

4-      Menu of Platform should be available in 4 Languages Interface En, FR, IT and Spanish

        In addition, service Provide should include in his offer the cost of:

·         1 Day Training for ADR Team (admin) on the platform Management

·         Ensuring Website maintenance to keep it active, updated, error-free, supportive to users for hardware and software, performance monitoring, during MedArtSAL Project implementation (29/7/2023)



The e-learning platform should be delivered to ADR as final version with the needed training by 5/7/2023




Arabic                    Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing                        

English                   Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing                         


Management and Logistical Support

The selected company will report to the Project Manager, upon the start of the project based on the agreed upon deliverables schedule.

Upon selection, a detailed contract will be provided, and an updated timeline and schedule that is agreed upon with ADR.

How to Apply

Offers should be sent to ADR no later than 17/6/2023 at noon by email to or delivered to ADR Office address: ADR, Sour, Carthage Street, Ezzeddine Building First Floor