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Award ceremony for microfinance

Vocational Training for Former Detainees

Capacity Building for Small Agro-Tourism Businesses

Assistance program for working children and growers of tobacco plantations in south Lebanon




Issue 1, February, 2006


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Award ceremony for Microfinance

Three beneficiaries from the Association for the Development of Rural capacities (ADR) were among 30 awards winners in a national business competition called Global Micro-entrepreneurship Awards (GMA) . They were chosen for their efforts and success in promoting microfinance projects.

ADR’s Micro-Credit Program has been set up to improve the economic opportunities of the low-income urban and rural population by offering reliable financial services.

ADR has given more than 1700 loans to productive business projects in South Lebanon helping on the economic development of the region.


Mr. Ibrahim Termos receiving his award from Dr. Youssef el Khalil president of ADR


Meet the winners:

Mr Ibrahim Termos, Ms Margreet Boulos , Ms Farizah Serhan


Mrs. Adriana Doumet, Ms. Farizah Serhan, Ms. Margreet Boulos and Mr. Ibrahim termo






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Vocational Training for Former Detainees

UNDP has granted ADR $ 60,000  to deliver vocational training for former detainees on Computer, Literacy, Languages, Management of small enterprises and other related fields. This project started  as of October 2005  and has 12 months       duration. The project's objective is to improve the professional skills of former detainees and their family members  allowing them to have a better access to job market, self employment and social integration. The trainings will take place mainly in Bint-Jbeil, Marjeyoun, Hasbaya and part of Tyre.


Capacity Building for Small Agro-Tourism Businesses

The project main objective is to  improve quality of services of small agro-tourism businesses in South Lebanon, by upgrading their skills, equipment and or facilities and establishing a network of complementary businesses (Link Coops to small tourism hosting enterprises). Funded by CCFD and SEAL in the amount of $36,000 this project is in the start up phase and will extend over a period of 5 months.     


Assistance program for working children and growers of tobacco plantations in south Lebanon

The project targets students in public schools in Bent Jbeil caza were tobacco growing is the main economic activity. These children are very frequently involved in the process of tobacco cultivation and harvesting, which results in high absenteeism from school. The objective is to improve student’s capacities and motivate their learning process in order to decrease the average of school drop outs and protect children from child labor . These objectives will be attained mainly through two activities; reinforcing classes in foreign languages to improve the ratio of successful students and  leisure and cultural activities in and out of the school environment.


Pilot project

A pilot project was successfully conducted during the period October 2005 to January 2006 targeting 9 schools and 250 students. The project has been expanded to cover 12 schools and a total of 300 students in Bent Jbeil caza from March 2006 to December 2006. The total investment will be $55,000 funded by a private donor.

Achieved till now

Number of training sessions: 22

Number of trained beneficiaries: 208

Locations where training was delivered: Kfarkila, Marjayoun, Taybeh, Aitaroun and Houla





Classes in foreign languages


Leisure and cultural activities

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