Agriculture program
CASUR centre in Abbassiyeh provides small farmers and agricultural cooperatives with various services and activities to reduce production costs, improve the quality and quantity of produce, and respect the environment. 
Farmers can learn about new agricultural practices, rent agricultural tools and equipment at low costs, store their product, buy compost, and receive technical assistance.







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ADR's cold storage has capacity for 30,000 crates and a packing facility to wash, wax, grade, and pack citrus and other fruits and vegetables for the local and international market.
ADR recycles banana and other organic waste into over 1,000 tons of high quality organic compost for use by farmers each year, in addition to giving services for farmers to produce their own compost. 
ADR's nursery grows aromatic herbs and medicinal plants (including endangered local species) for sale to farmers.


Tractors, rotary cultivators and other agricultural equipment and tools are available to farmers.

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