Social services program
Since its creation, ADR has tried to improve the social and cultural situations of the poorest people in the south through various projects and funds.
In November 2002, a protocol of decentralized cooperation was signed between the Provence, Alpes, Côtes d'Azur regions in France (PACA), ADR, and twenty-one municipalities in south Lebanon.
In Tyre, ADR is helping the Baqa fishermen’s cooperative build eighty housing units for poor fishing families.
ADR has also carried out awareness campaigns on civil rights and provided support to social and training centres in refugee camps.
Its solidarity fund can provide medical and educational assistance for very poor people.


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Decentralized cooperation with PACA region
Various activities have been conducted under the agreement , including introductory visits for local municipal council members; twining of public schools and student exchanges; training of teachers and managers of agricultural  technical schools; heritage, environment, and agricultural development projects.
Al Baqa social housing project
Fishermen saying about Al Baqa housing project: “our children will now play in a safe courtyard instead of being crowded in humid rooms”.
Solidarity fund
Emergency assistance for medical fees and scholarships for elementary to secondary school enrolment are provided.

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