Vocational Training program

Set up in 1998, the programme aims to give beneficiaries better access to the labor market.


Courses are held at the ADR centres in Tyre, Marjayoun and Kfar-Kila and at centres of the Ministry of Social Affairs and local municipalities and associations.


Successful students frequently apply for small loans under the Micro credit Programme.


The ‘Youth Curriculum’ teaches young people professional skills such as the maintenance of computers, mobile telephones and other electronics. They are also trained in languages and computer literacy and interpersonal skills.


The ‘Adult Curriculum’ develops the entrepreneurial skills. Participants are trained in technical skills such as baking wholemeal bread, creating herbal essences, animal health and food hygiene... In addition, they are taught business skills such as developing a business plan, basic accounting and marketing. Experts are on hand to provide technical and business advice during and after the course.



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ADR delivers training and internet services through three main focal points:
Tyre centre
Marjayoun centre
Kfar-kila centre

The following institutions partnered with ADR to deliver the program: National employment office, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Comite Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement (CCFD), Social and Economic Action for Lebanon (SEAL).


Special projects were also financed by private donors (BAT).





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