Nursery and machinery rental

ADR nursery grows aromatic herbs and medicinal plants. Special emphasis is given to endangered species like the local oregano “Zaatar”  highly consumed for alimentary use.

ADR ensures that farmers can obtain high quality rooting plants at symbolic prices avoiding the need of collecting directly from nature.


Tractors, rotary cultivators and other agricultural equipment and tools are also rented to farmers that can not afford to buy machinery, allowing them to cultivate their fields without having to invest in machinery.




Producing root stocks out of mother plants
from three types of aromatic and medicinal
  • .Zaatar (local oregano)
  • .Rosemary
  • .Lavender
Machinery rental
Plowing, shredding, waste collection….
Rooting plants 0.16 $ per pot. 
Machinery rental
For available services and prices please contact CASUR centre (+ 961 7 35 09 09).

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