Al Baqa social housing project      

Since 1998, fishermen families from the city of Tyre organized themselves into the cooperative Al Baqa.


Through their partnership with ADR they were able to join efforts with the Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Tyre, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, and generous Lebanese locals and expatriates to support a social housing project.


The project aims to provide housing to eighty families of young fishermen and at the same time to provide public spaces that serve as a platform for developing other productive, social as well as educational activities




Why the fishermen?

Fishermen of Tyre belong to one of the most marginalized socio-economic groups in the country. Their families have no access to health and social insurance programs, or retirement support schemes.


An obsolete technology coupled with military and security considerations limit the possibility of fishing far beyond seashore and thus result in serious over fishing. A continuous drop in the catch has yielded a systematic decline in the average income of many fishermen (15 US$ per day decreasing to less than 7 US$ during the winter season and bad weather).

Why housing?

The fishermen’s families in Tyre were incapable to benefit from the construction boom that the region witnessed during the last three decades, due to lack of financial resources or urban regulation and constraints in the old city quarters.

Their small, old and humid houses have become overcrowded.

Doctors testify to the high levels of asthmatic and  rheumatic problems amongst the members of this community.

List of BAQA Donors



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