Definition of a Framework for Knowledge Mapping and Transferring Design

Project: sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas (MedArtSal)

Donor: European Union (The ENI-CBC- MED program)


ADR is seeking to hire a short-term Consultant who will work on “Definition of a Framework for Knowledge Mapping and Transferring Design” in the framework of the project “Sustainable Management Model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas” (MedArtSal) funded by the European Program ENI CBC MED 2014-2020.

MedArtSal Project aims to promote the sustainable development of the Artisanal Salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues. The project implementation is done through a partnership between 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.



ADR, being a Lebanese NGO with non-lucrative, non-political, non-religious objectives that lends its support to the social players to help them acquire the knowledge and capabilities to improve and promote their standard of living, thus, setting up three main programs:

1- Micro credit program.

2- Vocational training and upgrading skills program.

3- Agricultural program (CASUR).

In addition to ad-hoc projects which falls in rural development and community empowerment. They stress on the partnership with the local community, municipalities, cooperatives and associations.

ADR is implementing the project MedArtSal in partnership with 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon Spain and Tunisia. The project duration is for three years starting November 2019.


The General Project Objective:

The project aims to adopt coordinated actions to define and implement a MODEL FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF ARTISANAL SALINAS, which will stimulate the local economy and territorial cohesion.

Assignment Brief

This assignment is undertaken as an activity under the work package of the project: International Networking,

The immediate objective (output) and activities of this assignment are the definition of a framework for Knowledge Mapping and Transferring design. The aim is fostering and promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise with regard to Sustainable Management of the Artisanal Salinas, promoting Artisanal Salinas’ sustainable management according the MedArtSal Model for long-term benefit on the environment, culture, heritage, and socio-economic interests in salt production value chain; increasing the public awareness and education.  


Objective of the consultancy and scope of work

The objective of the consultancy is to complete Knowledge Mapping and Transferring design in the sector of artisanal salt Production in the Mediterranean area. The outcomes of this work should give:

(1) a full idea on the actual knowledge at local level in each project country,

(2) knowledge mapping in terms of the characteristics, transfer mechanisms, obstacles and needs,

(3) definition of an action plan for knowledge transfer, including required training tools (also on-line), to be applied through the capacity building program

Specific Tasks

Through a consultative and participatory process, the company/consultant will work closely with the Project Manager to perform the following activities:

a)      Develop tools for the assessment of the Actual Knowledge (such as a questionnaire or other tools) to be used by each of the Project Partners in their countries.   

b)      Analyze the result of the questionnaire to develop the Knowledge Mapping in terms of the characteristics, transfer mechanisms, obstacles, challenges, and needs.  

c)       Definition of an action plan for knowledge transfer, including required training tools (also on-line), to be applied through the capacity building program.

d)      The First Drafts of the Knowledge Assessment Tools will be prepared by the consultant expert and sent to ADR to be shared with the Project Partners and collect their comments. The company/consultant will pre-test the revised Knowledge Assessment Tools and make any required further necessary adjustments in language and content before preparing the final version.

e)      Implement Stratified Random Sampling surveys, through direct personal face-to-face or telecommunication interviewing in Lebanon with Salinas Owners and other related stakeholders (Municipalities, related Ministries, etc.). The Survey in Lebanon will be done by the expert consultant, while in the partners’ countries, it will be done by the Project Partners.


This consultancy will be for 20 working days during May and June 2020

Skills and qualifications



·         Previous experience on Knowledge Mapping and transfer design

·         List of top 3 clients in the past five years from the government and/or private institution



Arabic                    Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing                       

English                   Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing                       

French                    Optional         


Selection of Consultants                                                                                

For the selection of the expert consultant, normally, ADR adopts two stage procedures:

In the first stage, the employer shall identify the likely sources based on formal or informal enquiries and by inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) through advertisement. Based on responses received, the consultants who meets the requirements will be short listed for further consideration.

The selection of the consultant shall be based foremost on their/his/her technical qualifications, because their/his/her expertise and skill will to a large extent determine the satisfactory completion of a project. For most assignments, both the technical quality and the remuneration of the consultant are considered in the selection method (Quality and Cost-Based Selection or QCBS); however, the technical quality is accorded a proportionally higher weight. For projects, where the technical quality of consulting services is paramount, it may be appropriate to carry out the selection solely based on technical quality (Quality-Based Selection or QBS).


1.      Inception report, including schedule of activities and deliverables

2.      A Progress report, no later than 5 days after the commencement of the consultancy, that presents:

a.       First drafts of Knowledge assessment tools

b.      Methodology of conducting surveys note (sampling procedure, sample size, statistical quality indicators, and interviewing)

3. A final report, not later than April 28, 2020, subject to approval by the Project Management, setting out:

a.       Assessment Methodology and the used tools,

b.       Analysis of the Survey Result,

c.       Map of actual Knowledge in terms of the characteristics, transfer mechanisms, obstacles, challenges, and needs,

d.      Proposed Action plan for knowledge transfer, including required training tools (also on-line), to be applied through the capacity building program. 


The Final Report to include:

-       MS Word using Helvetica or Arial

-       Title pages in model format as per other Program Reports – to be supplied

-       Table of contents, to three levels, formal format – to be agreed

-       List of annexes if appropriate

-       Tables of tables, figures, and pictures; all formal format

-       Abbreviations and acronyms

-       Layman’s summary (one paragraph encapsulating key elements that can be used in magazine/web i.e. not over technical)

-       Executive Summary (1 to 2 pages), in English, and Arabic

-       Introduction

-       Main body of report divided into different sections as appropriate, normally Context

Management and Logistical Support

The selected company/consultants will report to the Project Manager, upon the start of the project based on the agreed upon deliverables schedule.

During the consultancy, all transportations, logistics, and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the consultant.

Upon selection, a detailed contract will be provided, and an updated timeline and schedule that is agreed upon with ADR.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates are requested to send their offers to both, and not later than noon 12:00 pm on Monday, May 18, 2020. The application should contain:

• Cover letter explaining why you are the most suitable candidate for the advertised position

·   Brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the work.

• CV and a detailed work List of your top 3 clients in the past five years from State or non-State public institutions or bodies, and/or private sector institutions or agencies

Financial Proposal specifying a total lump sum amount for the tasks specified in this announcement. The financial proposal shall include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (number of anticipated working days, daily rate, travel costs, if any, and any other possible costs).