Production of a Video for the promotion of sustainable Tourism in Anfeh (Village of Salt Production in Lebanon)


Project: sustainable management model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas (MedArtSal)

Donor: European Union (The ENI-CBC- MED program)


ADR is seeking to hire a service provider for the “Production and post-production of a Video for the promotion of sustainable Tourism in Anfeh (Village of Salt Production in Lebanon) in the framework of the project “Sustainable Management Model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas” (MedArtSal) funded by the European Program ENI CBC MED 2014-2020.

MedArtSal Project aims to promote the sustainable development of the Artisanal Salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues. The project implementation is done through a partnership between 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.



ADR, being a Lebanese NGO with non-lucrative, non-political, non-religious objectives that lends its support to the social players to help them acquire the knowledge and capabilities to improve and promote their standard of living, thus, setting up three main programs:

1- Micro credit program.

2- Vocational training and upgrading skills program.

3- Agricultural program (CASUR).

In addition to ad-hoc projects which falls in rural development and community empowerment. They stress on the partnership with the local community, municipalities, cooperatives and associations.

ADR is implementing the project MedArtSal in partnership with 8 partners from Italy, Lebanon Spain and Tunisia. The project duration is for three years starting November 2019.


The General Project Objective:

The project aims to adopt coordinated actions to define and implement a MODEL FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF ARTISANAL SALINAS, which will stimulate the local economy and territorial cohesion.



Through a consultative and participatory process, the service provider will work closely with the program manager and project coordinator to perform the following activities:

a)       The Video show should be around 10-12 min lengths, Color Full HD where the video will present an itinerary for a touristic visit to Anfeh village in Lebanon emphasizing the main touristic sides and the Salt production in Anfeh with the different activities that can be done in the Salinas

b)      On the basis of guidelines proposed by the Operator, the service provider will prepare a narrative sequence allowing to:

·         present the Village of Anfeh and The Main Touristic Points in Anfeh and nearest area

·         Present the artisanal Salt production sector in Anfeh and with the different activities that can be done in the Salinas by tourist

·         ADR, acting as co-directors, and asking the service provider to be a force of proposal and brings a new and external look on the Project as well as its know-how in structuring an audiovisual discourse.

·         The service provider, accompanied by ADR team who will guide him, will visit the project area in Anfeh for filming if needed

c)       Postproduction:

·         Video Editing include:

The service provider will edit the Video according to the script selected and validated with the Operator.

·         Subtitles: As the main language of the video is Arabic, the service provider will ensure that subtitles are inserted in English.

·         Music Library

·         Color Correction

·         Sound Mix

d)      The service provider should ensure a local touristic guide to participate in the video and explain about the sites visited


Skills and Qualification:

The provider may be a company registered in Lebanon or a "free-lance" person.

It must have at least:

1-      Ability to be a dynamism for scripting,

2-      Proven experience in taking Video, pictures and sounds,

3-      Equipment for taking pictures Videos and sounds

4-      Full technical capability for editing images, videos and sounds.

Any experience identical or similar to the general service will be considered.


Selection of Consultants                                                                                

For selection of the Video production service provider, normally, ADR adopts two stage procedures.

In the first stage, the employer shall identify the likely sources on the basis of formal or informal enquiries and by inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) through advertisement. On the basis of responses received, Video production service provider meeting the requirement will be short listed for further consideration.

The selection of a Video production service provider shall be based foremost on their/his/her technical qualifications, because their/his/her expertise and skill will to a large extent determine the satisfactory completion of a project. For most assignments, both the technical quality and the remuneration of the consultant are considered in the selection method (Quality and Cost-Based Selection or QCBS); however, the technical quality is accorded a proportionally higher weight.


The contractor will provide the following deliverables:

·         Video in Arabic with English-language subtitles (readable with standard computer tools) that can be burned on CD and uploaded on the internet,

·         All videos, interviews and photos produced in electronic format.


The Video should be delivered before 10th July 2023


Management and Logistical Support

The selected Video production service provider will report to the Project Manager, upon the start of the project based on the agreed upon deliverables schedule.

During the consultancy, all transportations and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the Video production service provider.

Upon selection, a detailed contract will be provided and an updated timeline and schedule agreed upon with ADR.

Financial Proposal

On the basis of the estimated volume of work, the Video production service provider will make a financial proposal in Euro for the entire work requested.

How to Apply

Interested candidates, who meet the criteria for this position, may send their offers (technical and financial) to and also provide copies of relevant portfolio/resume, not later than noon 12 pm Monday, June 17th, 2023.