Volunteering Opportunity

Title of the mission: Commit to a common world

Support the creation of civic and professional activities for young Corsicans in the field of sustainable development

Mission Region: Corsica

Country of Volunteer: Lebanon

Location: Youth Initiative Cooperative (Coopérative d’Initiative Jeunes)

Total duration of the mission (in months): 7 months

Start date: early November 2021 (arrival in France)

End date: early June 2022

Stay in France: 7 Months


o       Mission Description

As part of its training and support missions for young people in the field of citizenship, initiative-taking and entrepreneurship, the “Coopérative d'Initiatives Jeunes (CIJ) - Etablissement de Corse”, wishes to initiate a specific animation program dedicated to support youth initiatives in the field of sustainable development, with a view of creating an "eco-incubator" of citizen and entrepreneurial projects for young people in the field of sustainable development. This project is fully in line with the guidelines of the CDC and is also part of a broader Euro-Mediterranean cooperation framework: the CIJ is an associate partner of the RESMYLE project which aims to support the social and professional integration of young Mediterranean people through the challenges of sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

• The project consists of:

Ø  Build the partnership environment in the territory, in conjunction with institutions, associations and economic actors involved in the environmental field

Ø  Develop specific communication

Ø  Set up a support offer for young people specific to the sustainable development sector: environmental awareness / education, training, tutoring, support for citizen initiatives, networking ...

Ø  Reception and support of collective and individual initiatives led by young people, including business creation projects.


o       The expected results of the contribution of the volunteer to the project


Ø The young person benefited from an engagement path promoting his transversal skills and developing his knowledge, in particular on the themes of civic engagement and sustainable development.

Ø  A dynamic of networking with other volunteers in Corsica is installed.

Ø  The commitment of the volunteer in Corsica is valued.

Ø  Strengthening professional links between Corsican and Lebanese operators through exchanges of good practices, know-how and experiences;

Ø  Capacity building for young volunteers in a context of international cooperation

Ø   Realization of communication and animation tools for the eco-incubator: brochure, flyers, social networks, participation in the organization of promotion and communication events among young people in the area;

Ø   Information and support activities for young candidates entering the eco-incubator: participation in the organization of information meetings, participation in bilateral meetings with young candidates, help in monitoring youth projects, etc.

Ø  Establishment of a database of environmental and sustainable development awareness tools to strengthen the environmental education of young candidates for entry into the eco-incubator: identification and choice of educational tools and resources, reference books, participation in awareness campaigns.


o       Volunteer Activity


The young volunteer will be accompanied by the permanent team of the CIJ in charge of development in Bastia

Ø  Under their responsibility, the volunteer will have to participate:

-          Research and implementation of environmental awareness tools to stimulate the environmental culture of young people wishing to join the eco-incubator

- The visibility of the eco-incubator on the territory: participation in the construction of communication tools, visibility on social networks, support for the organization of communication events

- To enrich the mentoring / training offer, in particular through cooperation between France and Lebanon within the framework of the RESMYLE project and to develop cooperation links between young people leading initiatives within the CIJ and young people supported through the eco-incubator created in Lebanon.

- The identification and support of the first projects for young people in Corsica.

- The volunteer will also contribute, alongside the permanent team of the CIJ to the strengthening of partnership relations with the stakeholders of the territory (Environmental Education Centers of Corsica -CPIE-, environmental protection associations, local communities …)


o        Financial Support

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance to cover personal costs. This amount breaks down as follows:

            * € 473.03 paid by the French State to its bank account opened in France

            * € 107.58 paid by France Volontaires on CDC funds

            * Flat rate of € 600 / month for housing paid for on FV-CDC funds

            * International transport supported on FV-CDC funds

            * Complementary health & insurance supported on FV-CDC funds +    CPAM affiliation Planned by the state.


o        Volunteer Profile:

This mission is accessible to all young people wishing to make themselves useful to others, subject to:

- Be between 18 and 25 years old, not having previously completed Civic Service, available for 7 months;

- Interest in a mobility and solidarity project;

- Interest in engagement and the discovery of an intercultural context, interpersonal skills and motivation must prevail in the selection of candidates.


How to Apply?

Interested Candidate are requested to send their CV to the email: hiba.fawaz@adr.org.lb before 11th October 2021.