Cold storage facility

Cold storage allows farmers to reduce the use of pesticides and keep their product safe from insects and viruses, it also allows to improve the production capacity of the trees.


Our service enables small farmers or cooperatives to:

  • Reduce expenses on pesticides.
  • Store their product until market prices are more profitable.
  • Start their own marketing and exportation activities according to international standards.
  • Be free from intermediaries and market monopole.





Four split cold storage rooms with a total capacity of 30,000 crates of 20kg for citrus, apples, and other fruits.


A packing line of washing, sorting, calibrating, waxing and packaging for citrus and fruits.


Ground packaging for vegetables.

Cold storage: 0.5$ per crate/ month.
Washing, sorting, waxing packing:


-15$ per ton (wax & workers on client)
-19$ per ton (workers on client)
--45$ per ton (workers on the facility)
Ground packaging: 100$ per day.

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